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Nurse Lea - Second season

Medical melò, 8×50’
Italian title: Lea
A co-production Rai Fiction – Banijay Studios Italy, produced by Massimo Del Frate

Directed by Fabrizio Costa

Photo by Pierfrancesco Bruni


On air from Sunday, Nov. 12, in prime time on Rai1

Thanks to her job as a pediatric nurse at Ferrara’s hospital, a loving relationship with Arturo and the emotional connections with her colleagues, Lea is finally able to overcome the grief that has been ruling her life: losing a child in the womb right before birth. Three years after the beginning of our story, Lea is now in a relationship with a charming musician met during season one and is stepping in as a mother for his rebellious teenager Martina. After what may seem like an ordinary car accident, Lea will find out that a woman reached out to Martina stating to be her biological mother. At the hospital Lea works side by side to Marco, head of Pediatrics and her ex-husband, who is also the father of Gioia, daughter from his relationship with his colleague Anna. There’s still a lot of chemistry between Marco and Lea, and because of him and Anna not working out, and Arturo being away from home to record some new music and being distracted by a captivating producer, things might take a turn. Lea will have to decide: will she give another chance to Arturo or will she realize she still has feelings for Marco? Will she be able to make a choice that won’t destroy her deep bond with Martina? A new nurse joins Lea, Rosa and her close group of colleagues (Favilla, Olga and Michela, who’s about to marry pediatrician Bruno) at the pediatric ward: his name is Bruno, and he is hiding a secret. As always, the lives of our characters will tangle with the stories of patients and their families, making up for both dramatic and carefree moments: the investigations, the diagnosis and a true rollercoaster of emotions.

Photo by Pierfrancesco Bruni


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Nurse Lea - First season

Directed by Isabella Leoni
Written by Peter Exacoustos (subject), Anna Mittone, Mauro Casiraghi
With Anna Valle, Giorgio Pasotti, Mehmet Günsür

Lea is a pediatric nurse at the hospital situated in Ferrara. She had a stillborn child, and she will no longer be able to be a mother. The tragedy caused the end of her marriage, but it also reinforced her natural empathy towards children - she gives them the love that she cannot give to her own child. Returning to work after a long absence, Lea becomes indispensable for the little patients, not just because of clinical skills, but above more because of her human aspects. Lea will have to work with her ex-husband Marco, head of Pediatrics, and with her ex-friend Anna, a gynecologist at the hospital and Marco's new girlfriend. But Lea's life could be changed with the appearance of Arturo, a fascinating musician and father of one of her patients. A special relationship is born between him and Lea.
Each episode contains the story of Lea and her close-knit group of colleagues, but also tells of the hospitalization, diagnosis and treatment of some young patients.