Fosca Innocenti

Fosca, a Tuscan policewoman

Crime dramedy, 4×100’
Fosca is deputy police chief in Arezzo. She is proudly single but has a special friend, Cosimo. The woman lives on a farm, has an incredible sense of smell, and leads an all-female team with whom she solves intricate murder cases.

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Lea un nuovo giorno

Nurse Lea

Medical melò, 4×100’
Lea is a pediatric nurse from Ferrara. She cannot have children, but she loves little patients as if they were her own children. She is forced to work alongside her ex-husband and his new girlfriend, but her meeting with a fascinating musician will make her discover that she is still able to love.

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Un Professore

Un Professore

Dramedy, 6×100’
Dante is a high school professor from Rome who uses the visions of philosophers to help students cope with life's problems. But will he be able to solve his own problems as well? Will he be able to reconcile with his son and find love?

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Luce dei tuoi occhi

My Ballerina

Thriller melò, 6×100’
In a dance academy in Vicenza, a choreographer, Emma, investigates six teenage dancers to reveal a dramatic truth about her past. While she heals from the pain, she will reopen her heart to Enrico, the father of one of her girls.

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