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A Professor

Dramedy, 12×50’
Written by Sandro Petraglia, Fidel Signorile, Valentina Gaddi, Sebastiano Melloni
From the Spanish format Merlì di TV3 Catalunya, distributed by Mediawan – LS Distribution
With Alessandro Gassmann, Claudia Pandolfi, Thomas Trabacchi, Christiane Filangieri, Nicolas Maupas, Damiano Gavino, Domenico Cuomo
Directed by Alessandro Casale
A co-production Rai Fiction-Banijay Studios Italy, produced by Massimo Del Frate

Photo by Anna Camerlingo

On air from Thursday, November 23, in prime time on Rai1

By now Professor Dante Balestra is an essential figure in the life of his students (among them also his son Simone). The main focus of the series still is Liceo Leonardo da Vinci, in Rome, as well as Simone and Manuel (Anita’s kid), and the rest of their classmates. Dante uses his brilliant and nonconformist attitude and philosophy to help the teenagers with their problems handling complicated relationships, intrusive parents, vivid dreams and shattered hopes. In the vibrant chaos of the classroom during roll call we recognize a few faces – Luna, Matteo, Laura – but we welcome newcomers too: Nina, a girl from Slavic origins hiding a difficult past; Rayan, an African kid with a bright future in football who’s not a lot interested in studying; Viola, a disabled girl with a tough personality; lastly Mimmo, Dante’s former student, who ends up in juvie but thanks to Dante has a chance at redemption working at the school’s library during his parole, where he will get to know Simone. Dante’s life is not easier than the students’, especially his private life… To Simone and Manuel’s delight, Dante and Anita’s relationship is still going strong: they all live together now in the big villa on the outskirts of the city. The apparent calm is soon to be broken by a few unexpected events. Floriana, Dante’s ex-wife, decides to go back to Rome and to her house, adjusting herself in Dante and Anita’s everyday routine. Meanwhile, a ghost from the past makes a comeback in Anita’s life: Nicola, charming manager and Viola’s dad, who turns out to be Manuel’s biological father. Dante and Anita will have to face their feeling towards each other due to these two major surprises. As if this wasn’t enough, Dante will also have to deal with dramatic news.

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A Professor

Directed by Alessandro D’Alatri
Written by Sandro Petraglia, Fidel Signorile, Valentina Gaddi, Sebastiano Melloni
With Alessandro Gassmann, Claudia Pandolfi, Francesca Cavallin, Chistiane Filangieri, Paolo Conticini, Nicolas Maupas

Professor Dante Balestra has recently started teaching at the Leonardo da Vinci high school in Rome. The non-conformng and charismatic teacher of philosophy presents the thoughts of the great philosophers in an eccentric and provocative way, teaching his students to think for themselves. Thanks to him, Socrates, Nietzsche, Epicurus and the other great thinkers are not dusty chapters of philosophy books, but companions of who can help solve life's problems. Dante really likes women, but will know true love only with Anita, the single mother of his rebellious student Manuel. After years of absence Dante returned to Rome to look after his son Simone, meanwhile the mother of Simone moved abroad for work. The teacher knows how to deal with his students, but the relationship with his own son is a real disaster. Dante is provocative and unconventional, Simone is mature and has never broken the rules. Dante does not understand the conformity of his son and Simone cannot bear the frivolity of his father. In fact, Dante is not without worries: his former student, Mimmo, ended up in prison, and now Manuel, the most difficult student, is on the wrong path. Dante decides to take care of him and even hosts him at home. This throws Simone into crisis, because he realized he had fallen in love with Manuel. Mystery and pain started to revolve around the confused boy, once he found out something that his father was never before able to confess.