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Thriller melò, 6×100’
International title: My Ballerina
A Mediaset - Banijay Studios Italy co-production
Directed by Fabrizio Costa
Written by Eleonora Fiorini and Davide Sala
With Anna Valle and Giuseppe Zeno

Famous choreographer, Emma Conti, lives in New York, where she directs a contemporary dance company. Emma left her hometown Vicenza many years ago, after her child was born dead: a tragedy destroyed her relationship with her partner and marked her life. But sixteen years later, she receives a mysterious message stating that her daughter is actually alive, and dancing like her, right in Vicenza.
Emma returns to the academy to find out the truth, where years ago she learned to dance, and now she agrees to direct a choreography for six young dancers, one of whom could be her lost daughter. Emma investigates the girls and their families, and trial after trial, she realizes that everyone has something to hide - a lie, a guilty secret, an unspeakable sin. While she finds the strength to heal her pain, Emma reopens her heart to Enrico, the father of one of her students. Only after learning to love each of the girls as a daughter, with their character, problems and dreams, Emma will discover the most shocking of truths.