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Crime dramedy, 4×100’
International title: Fosca, a Tuscan policewoman
A Mediaset - Banijay Studios Italy co-production
Directed by Fabrizio Costa
Written by Dido Castelli and Graziano Diana
With Vanessa Incontrada and Francesco Arca

Fosca, a Tuscan policewoman SECONDA STAGIONE.

Da venerdì 13 gennaio 2023, in prima serata su Canale5


Fosca Innocenti is deputy police chief in Arezzo. She is proud and stubbornly single, lives on a farm, has an incredible sense of smell and loves to go for long, lonely rides on her horse, Artù. Fosca leads a team of women (plus one man) with whom she solves intricate murder cases. Even among the scents, the beautiful light and the placid hills of Tuscany, heinous crimes take place. Fosca does not face the mafia, nor terrorism, nor hardened criminals: she has to deal with "normal people" who kill out of greed, cowardice or long-standing hatred. At the end of the day, Fosca allows herself a glass of Chianti wine with her best friend, Cosimo, whom she has known since childhood and with whom, unexpectedly, something deeper than friendship is about to be born ...